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The technology behind home video security and what you need in 2017

videosecurityToday security has almost become a top priority for most people. Home video security is an absolute necessity for every homeowner, irrespective of the fact that they reside in an apartment or a single home.

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The basic idea would be to protect one’s family and belongings and also to ensure total peace of mind when one is away from home. So it is imperative that your home is installed with the perfect home video security monitoring system.

Of course, the risk may be nominal when the number of family members residing together is large and someone is always at home. But the home video security system specifically applies to business people who are often away from home, on business and personal trips.

The days of cheap burglar alarms and other such gadgets are over making way for the high tech digital video surveillance system, which has brought about a revolution in the whole security concept. This is basically a closed circuit television network that operates within a limited area. This is fast putting an end to human-watch security, while at the same time ensuring proper vigilance. Recently the emergence of wireless video security systems has been observed.

The key components of a home video security system are basically

– cameras,
– monitors,
– power supply,
– recorders and cables, if the system is not wireless of course.

– The camera can be either black and white, 1/3 inch, or an infrared CCD camera in 3.6 mm lens, which also enables night vision.

– A normal television or personal computer should suffice to carry out specific functions of a monitor like recording and the cable specification would be Plug and Play Cable Assembly.

– The power supply of home video security would consist of a main and a standby. A card and software would ensure that the computer receives the camera signals and stores them on the hard disk. Whenever there is a movement in the field of view, the security software begins the recording process and sends messages to a cell phone or a landline.

If the homeowner is outside, he or she can use the security software to watch the video. One can also log on to a personal computer and watch the surveillance video, which ensures that one is actually never away from home.

Home video security CCTV or closed circuit television has three to four multiple cameras around the home, which are connected through cables, if the wireless mode is not used. The hidden cameras come as expensive pieces. The advantage of a CCTV installation is that one can maintain a constant vigil on all sides of the house. This applies especially in the case of a bigger home area. It is advisable to install cameras having night vision capability for better vigil and monitoring during the night.

A home video security system might be a little costly but there is no denying the fact that it is highly effective and almost a necessity for most people today. With the rapid change of technology in recent times we are sure to see more technological developments in these systems, ensuring the security of your home.