Usenet vs. Bittorrent – which is better in 2017?

Usenet vs Bittorrent

Usenet and Bittorrent have been, undoubtedly, one of the most popular sources for downloading files and content for several years. However, there has always been a minor predicament among users when it comes to choosing the best one. While some prefer Usenet to look for and download their preferred content, some find Bittorrent to be a better source, thanks to its user-friendly interface. But the question remains the same – which is better? Here, we have tried drawing a comparison between Usenet and Bittorrent, and have attempted to clearly bring out the pros and cons of each, across various aspects. Check them out.


One of the primary factors that influence users from selecting a source is cost. Unlike Usenet, which requires a payserver to provide the services and payment for the utilization of the services, Bittorrent is free. The reason is Bittorrent is a peer-based service and does not require the presence of a physical server. However, Usenet needs a server for the files to be hosted, accessed and retrieved. Hence, a charge is levied on users to access Usenet.

Besides, factors like bandwidth, retention and added features and services influence the price of the services as well. This is why Usenet trials are offered by numerous providers so you can easily try for free. Keep an eye on the Gratis Nieuwsgroepen Facebook page (Dutch) for new Usenet trials.


Usenet scores on this one. Usenet offers privacy (SSL) in downloads, which means no third-party can have access or view what content is being downloaded. However, in the case of Bittorrent, privacy in file downloads cannot be established unless you have a VPN provider, which again involves payment. Check out IPVanish to read why it’s the best choice for torrenting on the market today.

Library and Retention

Bittorrent seriously has an upper hand when it comes to the availability of files and content in the library, and retention. While Usenet has a specific time limit set for the availability of each file, Bittorrent offers access to files even years after its date of hosting.


Bittorrent has a lot of factors that influence the speed at which files get downloaded. Known as seeds and leeches, these act as deterrents in the downloading process, and significantly influence the time taken for downloads. On the other hand, this is not the case with Usenet; specifically, if you are familiar using NZB sites, you can make the most of Usenet with a premium newsserver.

Also keep in mind that with Bittorrent you are uploading and downloading at the same time, which can slow down your connection if no proper speed limits are set. With Usenet your are not uploading, just downloading.

Be it Usenet or Bittorrent, we do not support or take any sides of either. All we intend to do is bring out the distinction between the two and help you get what you want. Both are good in their own ways, so choose the one that’s ‘better’ for you, and stay conscious of what material or content that you download.